Directions: Getting to EcoTourism Belize

Our main office is located on 20A George Price Street, Punta Gorda Town. Our ecotours and rustic lodgings are 30 miles from Punta Gorda and 34 miles from Independence at Mile 58 on the Southern Highway, Golden Stream Village.

By Car:

Drive north and turn right onto the Southern Highway at Dump.  Continue over Golden Stream and the Ya'axché Field Station is approximately 1 mile further on your left.

By Bus:

A James Bus leaves from the corner of King Street and Front Street just before 8am. You can also flag it down as it drives through town on its way to the highway or from one of the bus stops along the sea as it heads out of town. Tell the bus attendant to drop you off at Ya'axché Field Station.
A one-way trip to the Field Center will cost BZ$5 (US$2.50). The return bus to Punta Gorda passes by the Field Station between 1:00 and 1:30pm. For additional bus information, if you would like to stay a while longer after your ranger experience or if you are coming from another town, check James Bus Line.  (Note: For planning purposes the bus takes approximately 1 hour to / from Punta Gorda.) The field center is located on the Southern Highway, approximately 30 miles north of Punta Gorda and 34 miles south of Independence. It is located between the Maya villages of Indian Creek and Golden Stream.

By Car:

Drive north to the highway and turn left toward Independence Village at the roundabout.  Turn right onto the Southern Highway (sign to Punta Gorda).   Drive to mile marker 59 on the and you will see our sign on the right.

By Bus:

Take the Hokey Pokey Water Taxi from the rear of MNM Parking Lot (Hokey Pokey Schedule) across the lagoon to Independence / Mango Creek.  Grab a taxi to the bus station ($5BZ per person) and then take the James Bus south toward Punta Gorda (James Bus Schedule). The bus takes just over an hour from Independence to the Field Station.  Please tell the conductor when you pay that you would like to be let off at the Ya'axché Field Station at mile 59.

We can arrange a tour to start at 12.00 noon to enable you to travel by public transport from Placencia. If you are heading to Punta Gorda for a boat to Guatemala, an afternoon tour could be a great adventure en route.

EcoTourismBelize Transfer:

EcoTourismBelize can arrange a private transfer for you with pickup in Independence at the Hokey Pokey Dock and drop off back there that afternoon.  This option is expensive but if you prefer the convenience please write us at once you have made your tour reservation with the time you will take the Hokie Pokey, reservation confirmation information and the number in your party and we will take care of the rest.  Transfers are $85 US for a car (1-4 people who are friendly); or $125 US for a van (up to 8 people) each way.

EcoTourismBelize is perfectly situated for a stop on your way to or coming from Guatemala.   Ferries arrive and leave from the Customs Pier on front street 3-4 times daily.

Please refer to the Ferry Schedule below or write to us if you have any questions!

OperatorDeparts Punta Gorda for Puerto Barrios:Departs Puerto Barrios for Punta Gorda:Departs Punta Gorda for Livingston:Departs Livingston for Punta Gorda:
Requena's Ferry09:0014:00
Shark Boy16:0013:00
Asugena (Tuesday & Friday only)10:0007:00



Field Station:

Golden Stream Village, Mile 59 Southern Highway, Toledo District, Belize

Phone: (+501) 667-0864