EcoTourism Belize partners with local community members, including farmers, Maya healers and women’s group to carry out transformative experiences with our guests. 

EcoTourism Belize in connection with its parent organization, Ya’axché Conservation Trust is supporting community development in the Maya Golden Landscape. Ya’axché has been actively involved with our partners in capacity building trainings and providing technical support and intervention when needed.

Therefore, we bring economic opportunities to these partners to be able to sustain their small businesses and families.


EcoTourism Belize is proud to support women who are actively involved in the development of their communities.

These women’s groups have created businesses featuring cultural traditions such as basket weaving, cuxtal (Maya bag) weaving, dancing, wood carving, rock-slate carving, and open fire hearth cooking of Maya meals with locally sourced ingredients. The women encourage you to immerse yourself in the traditions of the Maya Culture!  

EcoTourism Belize is currently collaborating with the Marigold Women’s Cooperative and Maya Arts Women’s group in the Indian Creek village.


EcoTourism Belize partners with local healers in the Toledo district to provide its unique Maya Healing tour. There are only a few local healers in the district that are still keeping the traditional practice of the Maya people alive.

The Maya healers are knowledgeable about ceremonial practices and medicinal plants that their ancestors used in spiritual healing. This tradition is practiced among a few Maya communities in southern Belize.

The dedicated healer that EcoTourism Belize will introduce you to is Mr. Emilio Caal, a highly respected community shaman from the Itzamma Botanical Garden.


EcoTourism Belize partners with farmers to provide EcoFarm, Cacao Farm, or Birds of Belize (birding on a farm) tours. The farmers we currently work with are located in Indian Creek and San Miguel villages.

Some of our important farmers that we work with include, Mr. Santiago Cus and Mr. Hubert Kus from San Miguel village and Daniel Chiquin from Indian Creek village. EcoTourism Belize provides a fair opportunity for our partners to interact with our guests as they share their knowledge and sustainable practices about farming.

We at EcoTourism Belize, along with our partners, are ready to provide you with a transformative experience on your next unique visit to southern Belize! Book an ecotour or stay with us today!