EcoTourism Belize currently has a manager, two ranger guides and a nursery technician who are also part of our parent organization, Ya’axché Conservation Trust. Our team is ready, join us for a transformative experience!


Marcelia currently holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. She has a great passion for connecting visitors from all over the world looking for an adventure, a learning experience or just looking to enjoy the natural beauty of southern Belize.

Together with Marcelia, you can plan all the logistics for your next memorable experience in the Maya Golden Landscape. She makes sure that all your interests and experiences in learning, nature, culinary, culture and adventures are met when booking.


Rosendo is from the indigenous community of Indian Creek village. He is a certified tour guide and Ya’axché ranger on the research and monitoring team. This experience gives him vast knowledge in biodiversity monitoring of flora and fauna in the protected areas. In addition, he is an expert in animal tracks and bird identification which he gladly shares with guests.

Rosendo loves interacting and educating guests about southern Belize. He enjoys hiking, bird watching, canoeing and sharing his knowledge about the Maya culture. He enjoys working with EcoTourism Belize because it has different activities and adventures to experience than any other part of Belize. Rosendo is waiting to interact with you on any of our ecotours!


Ramon is a ranger  from the indigenous community of Big Falls village. He is a certified tour guide. Ramon is a ranger on Ya’axché’s enforcement team. In this role, he goes out to monitor daily activities in Ya’axché’s focus areas within the Maya Golden Landscape. Ramon enjoys his role as a ranger and it gives him more knowledge in collecting information that he can share with guests on tours. His hobbies include birding, hiking, canoeing and wildlife identification, especially mammals using tracks! He has a great interest and skill in navigation, map reading and orienteering.

He enjoys working with groups and individuals who have an interest in learning and experiencing the natural wonders that are found on our nature trails. Meet Ramon on your next tour with us!


Miguel is from the indigenous community of Indian Creek village. Miguel has been working with Ya’axché in the nursery since 2012. He sows and cares for plants until they reach our quality standards before sending to farms and backyards of our customers. His tasks include planting, watering, weeding and nurturing seedlings into healthy organic plants. He also specializes in grafting of fruit trees with a focus on our native cacao varieties.

He is passionate about sharing information on seedlings in the nursery and is willing to answer questions that customers or visitors may have. Be sure to ask Miguel for a tour of the nursery when stopping in where you can purchase native seedlings.


Petrona Coc is from San Marcos village and a graduate of Julian Cho Technical High School with a diploma in Business studies. 

Petrona comes with a diverse area of experiences including working with a women’s group, nursery assistant at a well known lodge and housekeeping. Petrona joined the Ya’axche Institute for Conservation Education program in 2019 with responsibilities as housekeeper. She now manages all facilities at the Golden Stream property ensuring that a high level of cleanliness is maintained. She also carries the role of a part time Gold Standard Program Manager for Ya’axchè’s Gold Standard Certification amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Her skills in nursery also make her a great helping hand in Ya’axchè’s nursery. She enjoys meeting customers and guests. Upon your visit, you will meet Petrona who is willing to provide any assistance for a greater experience at our facilities. Your health and safety is of high priority.