Day Tours

Experience the secrets of the forests, rivers and reef and the traditions of the Maya.


Join us for an adventure and see why we are passionate about protecting the wild places and wildlife in Toledo, and sharing the culture, traditions, crafts and food of the Maya people.

Ranger For A Day

Ranger For A Day

Join an official Ya'axché ranger patrol of the 15,000 acre Golden Stream Corridor Preserve!

Keel Billed Toucan

Birds of Belize

Make an early start with a ranger to record birds at Golden Stream Corridor Preserve.

EcoFarm Tour - EcoTourism Belize

EcoFarm Tour

Join a Maya ecofarmer to see how he farms hand in hand with nature to sustain his family's life.

Maya Culture Visit - EcoTourism Belize

Maya Culture Visit

Dance, cook and create arts & crafts traditionally with a Maya family.

Golden Stream River Patrol

River Patrol

Join our rangers on patrol and kayak or canoe along the Golden Stream river to monitor wildlife and illegal activities.

Maya Healing - EcoTourism Belize

Maya Healing

Delve into the traditional Maya medicinal world and spiritual healing ceremony long practiced by generations of healers.

Ridge To Reef tour

Ridge To Reef

Take a patrol down Golden Stream to the Port of Honduras to see the connections between forests, rivers and the sea.