Maya Culture Visit

Limited to 12 Guests | 6 Hours | $55 US per person including lunch

To reserve a tour, please email us at or call at (+501) 722-0108.

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Discover the Maya Culture first hand. Our Maya Culture Visit ecotour gives you the opportunity to dance, cook and create traditional arts and crafts along with a Maya family in Southern Belize.

One of the true treasures of Belize is its unique people.  Spend the day learning how the local Maya live. Join in various arts and crafts such as basket weaving, fire hearth cooking, woodworking, or maybe learn a traditional dance.

This is an opportunity to glimpse into a culture that has existed in this region for thousands of years and interact with some truly wonderful people.  While your hosts may seem a bit shy at first if you are inquisitive you will have a unique and authentic experience.

The women you meet with will tailor the time to your interests so if there are certain activities which pique your curiosity more than others please let them know.

At the end of your time, you will share a traditional Maya meal which you and your new friends have prepared together. The Maya women's group have souvenirs such as baskets, wood carvings, slate carvings and handbags, just to name a few.

  • This tour has no requirements other than an open mind, a willingness to try new things and a positive attitude.

Start Time: 9:30AM

Finish Time: 3:30pm

Starts & Ends at:  Field Station in Golden Stream Village (Directions).