Tour our nursery which can house 50,000 native seedlings.


Our nursery is dedicated to the continuous supply of a variety of top quality, healthy, organic grafted and non-grafted seedlings. Our well-trained and knowledgeable staff can answer questions regarding seedlings in our nursery, provide professional services and offer advice and support. 

Discounted prices for purchases of 200 or more seedlings are available. Call our office or email us to find out available seedlings to make an order. You are also welcome to stop at our nursery and select your own seedlings.

Note: Sales are done on a seasonal basis on a few of our plant species, look out for those! 

Non-grafted seedlings range from $3-$8  per seedling. Grafted plants range from $4-10 per seedling.  

Below is a list of all seedlings that are grown in our nursery; stock information updated 25th of July 2019.

Timber seedlings

  1. Mahogany – In Stock
  2. Cedar – On Sale (BZ $1) 

Fruit seedlings

  1. Cacao (Regular) – On Sale (BZ $1)
  2. Grafted Cacao – In Stock  
  3. Coffee (American) – In Stock
  4. Coffee (Caturra) – In Stock
  5. Coffee (Local) – On Sale (BZ $1) 
  6. Balam – On Sale (BZ $1)
  7. Breadnut  
  8. Bilimbi – In Stock
  9. Apple Mango (small variety) – In Stock
  10. Kinep 
  11. Cashew – In Stock
  12. Chinese plum – In Stock
  13. Custard apple – In Stock
  14. Malay apple
  15. Monkey cap – In Stock
  16. Soursop – In Stock
  17. Star fruit – In Stock
  18. Tambran
  19. Jamaican lime – In Stock
  20. Lemon 


  1. Vanilla – In Stock  
  2. Turmeric 
  3. All Spice


  1. Inga edulisIn Stock  
  2. Bayleaf

Nursery tours and training workshops can be made available at an additional cost.

Where our Nursery is located

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