Planning on staying for a few days to explore southern Belize’s nature, culture and people? Let us help you make the most of your visit and take up the work of planning your stay!

The Toledo district offers exquisite adventure from the rainforest to its river teeming with life as well as a rich and authentic cultural experience. We have developed two special multi-day tours so you can make the most of your time in southern Belize experiencing our unique ecotours. Our packages include lodging at our rustic, offgrid and eco-friendly accommodation that completes the entire experience.

Note: Packages includes all local transportation associated with the tour, meals and lodging in the BunkHouse (optional), all from our Field Station in Golden Stream.


Immerse in the unique Maya culture to get an understanding of how their traditional lifestyle is still alive in southern Belize. It is an overall experience that is unforgettable! 

Requirements: A minimum of 5 guests  

Booking: $185 USD per person. 1 week in advance is required as the healing ceremony requires the spiritual healer to gather specific healing items.

Day 1 – Welcome & Maya Healing 
Day 2 – Maya Cultural Visit


Experience a complete adventure of the natural and human facets of southern Belize. Become engaged in the conservation of wild places and wildlife while having an amazing experience engaging in the historical roots of the traditional lifestyle of the Maya! 

Requirements: A minimum of 6 guests  

Booking: $370 USD per person. 1 week in advance is required.

Day 1 – Welcome & Ranger for a day
Day 2 – EcoFarm Tour
Day 3 – Maya Cultural Visit
Day 4 – River Patrol